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Christmas stock, strong demand, China's export of fruits and vegetables into the stage of price

Apple: China's main apple producing areas this year, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Gansu and Shandong, due to the impact of extreme weather this year, the output and quality of some production areas have declined to a certain extent. This also led to the situation that the purchasers rushed to buy the Red Fuji apple as soon as it was put on the market. Moreover, the price of some large fruits with good quality of more than 80 size was once raised to 2.5-2.9 RMB. Moreover, due to the weather this year, it has become a fact that there are not many good apples. The purchase price of 80 kinds of fruit has also risen to 3.5-4.8 RMB, and 70 kinds of fruit can also be sold for 1.8-2.5 RMB. Compared with last year, this price has been significantly increased.
Ginger: the price of ginger in China has been rising for more than a year. Due to the reduction of ginger production in 2019 and the impact of global epidemic situation, the domestic sales price and export price of ginger have increased by 150%, which has inhibited the consumption demand for export to a certain extent. Compared with the ginger produced in other countries in the world, as Chinese ginger has good quality advantage, although the price remains high, but the export is still continuing, only the export volume of the previous year is relatively decreased. With the arrival of the new ginger production season in China in 2020, fresh ginger and air dried ginger are also on the market. Due to the centralized listing of new ginger, the price begins to decline, which has more advantages in price and quality than the old ginger in stock. In winter, with the advent of Christmas, ginger prices again ushered in a rapid rise in prices. The analysis points out that the price of ginger will continue to rise due to the decrease of supply and the global shortage of ginger such as Chile and Peru etc.

Garlic: the price trend of garlic in the future is mainly affected by two aspects: one is the future output, the other is the consumption of garlic in the reservoir. The main inspection points of garlic production in the future are the current seed reduction and future weather conditions. This year, the main production areas of Jinxiang have significantly reduced the number of species, and other production areas have increased or decreased, but the overall reduction is not much. Excluding weather conditions, it indicates that future production is still a negative factor. The second is about the consumption of garlic in the library. The total amount in the warehouse is large and the market is well known. Generally speaking, it is not good, but it is still good. At present, the foreign market enters the month of Christmas stock preparation in December, followed by the domestic market to prepare goods for New Year’s Day, Laba Festival and Spring Festival. The next two months will be the peak season for garlic demand, and the price of garlic will be tested by the market.