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In special times, fearless difficulties, deliver customer ginger orders on time


Although China now faces some difficulties, and it takes more time for China's production and life to fully recover, our company is actively overcoming various difficulties and trying to get customers' orders to be delivered as scheduled.
This week, we completed the production of 5 containers of ginger for Netherlands customers. The packaging is 12.5kg to 13kg. The size of ginger is 250g or more. Although this shipment is our confirmed order before the Chinese New Year in China, according to the actual shipping requirements of the customer's wholesale market in the Netherlands, we plan to arrange delivery after the Chinese New Year, but it was not expected to be in January to February, the situation in China changed, so that the factory started to run and logistics encountered great problems. The Chinese New Year has just passed. In order to deliver goods on time, our company actively coordinated the government and arranged more workers to work. Finally, we successfully shipped 5 containers of dried ginger through Qingdao Port today. It took 35 days to reach Rotterdam Port by sea.
On the other hand, the supply of ginger in China occupies a large proportion of the international market. In this period, ginger in other ginger-producing regions such as Peru in South America has not yet been listed in the market. Chinese ginger has been able to achieve continuous year-round Take advantage of uninterrupted supply. However, at the beginning of 2020, something that was difficult to happen under normal circumstances was encountered. From January to February in China, there was no way to send more goods to the global market. Demands in Europe, the United States, and South Asia were relatively large, and The main area of ​​importing ginger from China directly led to a window period in the supply of ginger in the international market. The supply of ginger on the market gradually decreased, and stocks became urgent. The most direct reason was that prices continued to rise, a month-on-month increase, a significant year-on-year increase. This also objectively stimulates customers' greater replenishment and purchasing enthusiasm. However, due to conditions, the ginger that can be sent from China is still suppressed to a certain extent. The overall amount of ginger in the market is limited, which is not enough to reduce the market's The price of ginger is expected to continue to rise for some time.
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