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China's garlic exports and prices both rose in June

In June 2019, China exported 204,400 tons of garlic (including fresh or refrigerated garlic, other fresh or refrigerated garlic, dried garlic, salted garlic, garlic made or preserved with vinegar or acetic acid).
The total quantity of fresh or refrigerated garlic is about 1827,000 tons, which is about 67.06% higher than the export volume of 104,400 tons in May, and about 24.98% higher than the export volume of 1462,000 tons in the same period last year. Exports amounted to $203,578,08,000, up 78.31% annually compared with $11,416,960 in May, and about 87.06% compared with $108,828,000 in the same period last year.
From the perspective of trade mode, in June 2019, China exported 169.8 million tons of fresh or refrigerated garlic, amounting to 17.954.41 million US dollars, while the frontier small trade amounted to 12.9 million tons, amounting to 24.063 million US dollars.
In June 2019, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Bangladesh, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Colombia were the top 10 exporters of fresh or refrigerated garlic in China. Among them, 768,800 tons were exported to Indonesia, amounting to $77,566,000; 25,600 tons to Vietnam, amounting to $34,649,000; and 123,000 tons to Malaysia, amounting to $12,142,700.